Here is only one model for now. More models of FV panels and more information are in the Czech language.

Solar panel BSM440

Technical drawing of the panel Technical drawingVoltage and current graphs Voltage and current graphsAnnual linear efficiency degradation no more than 0.55% for 30 years Efficiency maitenance
Innovative shingled structure with high-density layout enables a higher cell density than standard half-cut modules. It eliminates traditional copper tape connections between cells connected in series. By removing the solder strips, the active area of the module is increased and the thermal strain is reduced. The result is exceptional efficiency and reliability compared to standard connections.
Maximum power:440 Wp332 Wp
Operating voltage:34.8 V33.2 V
Operating current:12.5 A9.88 A
Open circuit voltage:47.0 V40.1 V
Short circuit current:13.7 A10.82 A
Internal resistance:≥ 100 MΩ
STC: Irradiance 1 kW/m², Temperature 25°C, Air Mass AM1.5    NMOT: Irradiance 0,8 kW/m², Temmperature 20°C, Wind Speed 1m/²
Mechanical Specification
Panel type:monocrystalline, one-sided
Dimensions:1812×1096×30 mm
Weight:21.2 kg
Bypass diodes quantity:2
Connecting cables:midship 4 mm²
Cover:3.2 mm tempered glass
Frame:anodized aluminium alloy
Saffety class:II
Fire safety class:C (according to UL790)
Operating Condition
Ambient temperature:-40~85°C
Maximun system voltage:1500 V
Maximun series fuse:25 A
Maximun static loading:snow loading 5400 Pa, wind loading 2400 Pa
Temperature Coefficients
Maximum power coefficient:-0.34%/°C
Voltage coefficient:-0.27%/°C
Current coefficient:+0.04%/°C
Compliance with the Standards, Directives and Regulations
IEC 61215, IEC 61730‑1:2018, IEC 61730‑2:2018, IEC 61730‑1:2018/AC:2018‑06, IEC 61730‑2:2018/AC:2018‑06, RoHs, WEEE,, Tel: +420 602 781 410
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