System with energy capacity 12.8 kWh is environmentally friendly. It contains five lithium iron phosphate battery modules and a unique battery management system It is compatible with Tecloman inverters as well as with all standard inverters (GoodWe, Growat, Solis, SMA, etc.). Up to three storages can be connected in parallel.
Due to the characteristics of the batteries, charging will be derated at temperatures below 15°C. The actual usable capacity of the system is affected by the ambient temperature, the output power of the power supply module and its efficiency.
Dimensions:600×330×1360 mm
Weight:200 kg
Ambient temperature / relative humidity:-10~55°C / 5~90%Rh
Maximum altitude:2000 m
Cooling:natural convection
Battery modules:5 × 2.56 kWh LiFePO4
EMS communication port:RS485, WiFi, CAN, LAN
Electrical Parameters
Nominal energy capacity:12.8 kWh
Rated power DC:2300 W
Usable energy capacity:11.52 kWh
Self-consumption:30 W (0.1 W stand-by)
Rated voltage DC:256 V
Operating voltage range DC:224~288.4 V
Short circuit current:2~3 kA
Maximum charging current:50 A
Maximum discharging current:50 A
Charging cycles:≥ 6000 (0.5C, 25°C)
Compliance with the Standards, Directives and Regulations
IEC62619, IEC62040‑1, RoHS, WEEE, UN38.3, UL1973                                                                                         ,, Tel: +420 602 781 410
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