Inverter Firefly 5K

Inverter Firefly 5K
The integrated charge controller, two-way storage energy converter and photovoltaic inverter have an intelligent energy management system and can be used with battery modules to create an energy storage system. Its use will increase the utilization of photovoltaics, reduce electricity costs and improve the quality of electricity. It is resistant to short circuit, DC reverse polarity, overvoltage and current overload. Supports three-phase operation, single-phase parallel operation and battery DC bus parallel operation.
Dimensions:451×551×184 mm
Weight:20 kg
Ambient temperature / relative humidity:-25~60°C / 0~100%Rh
Max. altitude:2000 m
Noise emission:< 25 dB
Cooling method:Natural convection
Ingress protection:IP65
Display and communicatiom:LCD, LED, RS485, WiFi, CAN
AC Side - Grid
Maximum apparent power AC:5000 VA
Rated power:5000 W
Maximum current:25 A
Rated voltage AC (range):230 V (180~270 V)
Frequency (rozsah):50/60 Hz (45~65 Hz)
Power factor:0.8
THDi (output):< 3%
Connection:L + N + PE
EPS Output
Maximum apparent power (without / with Solar): 3600 / 5000 VA
Rated power (without Solar):3000 W
Rated current (without Solar):13 A
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Peak power / time:4500 W / 30 s
THDu (total harmonic voltage distortion):< 5%
Switching time<10 ms
DC Side - Solar and Battery
Maximum input power:8000 W
Maximum input voltage:550 V
MPPT input voltage range:120~500 V
MPPT number:2
Compatible battery types:lithium-ion, lead-acid
Maximum current:11 A
Rated battery voltage (range):48 V (40~60 V)
Maximum charging / discharging power:3600 W
Maximum charging / discharging current:66 A
BMS interface:CAN, RS485
Max. efficiency:97.9%
Charge/discharge efficiency:94.5%
Certifications and Approvals
EN50549‑1, G98, G83, G59, AS4777.2:2015, VDE0126‑1‑1, VDE‑AR‑N4105, CEI 0‑21, IEC62109‑1/‑2, IEC62040‑1, EN61000‑6‑1, EN61000‑6‑2, EN61000‑6‑3

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