Lithium iron phosphate cell

Lithium iron phosphate cell 3.2 V 75 Ah
Lithium-iron-phosphate cells have a lower specific density and a very high specific power. The aluminum-encased shell battery uses a lamination process that ensures low internal resistance, low self-discharge and excellent thermal adaptability. Thermal decay occurs at temperatures above 270°C. The battery does not burst into flames like other types when overcharging, over discharging, short-circuiting, being pierced by a foreign object, etc. Due to the zero content of rare elements and cobalt, these batteries are cheap and their market share is constantly growing.
Due to the characteristics of batteries, charging will be degraded at temperatures below 15°C. The actual usable capacity is affected by the ambient temperature, the output power of the power supply module and its efficiency.
Dimensions:220×135×29 mm
Weight:1.8 kg ± 0.1 kg
Ambient temperature range:charging 0~55°C, discharging -20~50°C
Relative humidity:0~95%Rh (no condensation)
Maximum altitude:2000 m (over 2000 m capacity decreases)
Cell chemistry:LiFePO4
Electrical Parameters
Nominal energy capacity:240 Wh
Rated capacity:75 Ah
Rated voltage:3.2 V
Limited charging voltage:3.65 V
Limited discharging voltage:2.50 V
Rated charging current:37.5 A (0.5C)
Rated discharging current:75.0 A (1.0C)
Maximum charging current:75.0 A (1.0C)
Maximum discharging current:150.0 A (2.0C)
Specific energy:≥ 133 Wh/kg
Self-discharge per month:≤ 3%
Charging cycles:≥ 6000 (0.5C, 25°C)
Lifetime:≥ 10 years
Charge/discharge rate:0.5C
Compliance with the Standards, Directives and Regulations
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